The cooperation of our Center with the World Health Organization (WHO) lasts for about 30 years. In 1981, by the decision of General Director of WHO and Minister of Health of USSR, Moscow Branch of WHO was created in our Center, which worked together with Center of WHO on Human Reproduction. Since then, effective cooperation between our Center and WHO proceeds, develops and extends. Work in the first years of cooperation with WHO was very positive and thus, in 1986, Yerevan branch of WHO at our Center was given independent status.


The other basic scientific directions of the Center activity are:

• Diagnostics and treatment of infertility
• Various aspects of contraception
• Problem of abortions

The basic functions of the Center are:

• Carrying out of multi-disciplinary research work in cooperation with WHO’s special program
• Preparation of scientific articles in the field of human reproduction
• Mastering of the newest methods of contraception, diagnostics and sterility treatment
• Introduction of these methods into practice for the purpose of improvement of service of the
population of the republic.


Our Center took part in WHO largest projects, carrying out multicenter reports in studying of sterility, intrauterine devices and medical abortion.
The Center developed and executed the report "Hirsute Syndrome in Genesis of Female Infertility".
WHO, on the other hand, provides all-round aid in professional training. Our leading experts have passed specialization in WHO collaborating centers on human reproduction in England, France, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland and Hungary.
The employees of our Center take active participation in many meetings of WHO, programs of population of the United Nations, Children's fund of the United Nations, and in other international meetings and conferences (Montevideo, Heisenberg, Athens, Budapest, Tokyo, Brussels, Geneva, Amsterdam, Madrid, Ljubljana, etc.).

For the last 10 years the employees of our Center have published 400 works in various international magazines and collections of various congresses.
On the basis of our Center, WHO held different inter-regional meetings and sessions, symposiums and conferences (1984, 1985, 1999 and 2006).

In connection with the 20th anniversary of the cooperation with WHO under the program of scientific researches, development and professional training, our Center was awarded with Certificate of Honor of WHO, for special contribution and improvement in national and international programs of reproductive health.

Our Center cooperates with the Moscow Center of Molecular Biology, with Biological and Genetics and Cytology Departments of the Yerevan State University, with Institute of Medical Genetics of the Zurich University (Switzerland) and with Institute of Genetics of Human Anthropology of the University of Yen (Germany). With the help and advice of the above-mentioned centers, diagnostics of difficult cases of chromosomal anomalies at patients from Armenia, performance of scientific projects, joint conferences and scientific publications are provided.

We also co-operate with the European Association of Cytogenetic (ЕАС) on the program ЕСАRUСА.
For about 10 years, the department of neonatology constantly cooperates with the London Imperial College of Medicine, the University Perinatal Center of Zurich, Switzerland, and the Center of WHO in Trieste, Italy.

Since 1996 our Center has been collaborating with the Institute of Reproductive Medicine (IMR), Marseilles, France. This laborious work was rewarded by a birth of first child in history of Armenia after in vitro fertilization.

Since 2009 cooperation on the issues of auxiliary reproductive technologies has been conducted with the doctors of IVF department of the Sheba Medical Center of Tel-Hashomer, Israel.