Anesthesiology & Intensive therapy

Anesthesiologists at RCMCHP are absolutely proficient in the use of modern methods of general and local anesthesia. The division renders full spectrum of specialized help, round-the-clock.

It includes:

1. Anesthesia during the delivery and during cesarean section operations.
2. Evaluation of patient's condition and her functional reserves, and the degrees of risk of the operation and the anesthesia.
3. Adjustment of patient's condition for the purpose of preparation for operation.
4. Anesthesiology maintenance during operations and invasive procedures.
5. Postoperative intensive therapy and supervision with the use of control-diagnostic equipment.

The division has two rooms of intensive therapy, located in the operation unite of the gynecological division, which are equipped with modern devices for monitoring cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the organism.

Anesthesia during delivery and cesarean section operations presumes priority of loco-regional anesthesia (epidural, spinal anesthesia and their combination).

Anesthesia of various manipulations and operative interventions in the department is carried out by highly qualified medical and mid medical personnel. The Clinic has modern equipment for performance of general anesthesia, and equipment and the toolkit required for all possible kinds of anesthesia, for conducting postoperative period, and for fast restoration after various operative interventions.


Anesthesiologist and Intensive care specialist
Karen B. Chilingaryan, M. D.
Anesthesiologist and Intensive care specialist
Sonia S. Eremyan, M. D.
Anesthesiologist and Intensive care specialist
Petrosyan Irina Y., М. D.